2017 Takoja Retreat

Takoja’s annual gathering was held in the beautiful and serene landscape of northern New Mexico, and celebrate the resonance and sacredness of our Mother Earth! Led by Takoja stewards Mario Sauceda, Quinlin Messenger, and Carrie Montgomery, as well as guest instructors. In parallel with the daily workshops, contribution and groundskeeping projects. 

2017 Workshops Included:

Sacred Circle: Teachings Of The Medicine Wheel And Sweat Lodge | Led by Mario Sauceda, Quinlin Messenger, and Serena Nizhone Sauceda (Nina) Steward of Traditions

Tipi Raising: Ancient Skills For A Community Space | Led by Mario Sauceda Steward of Ceremonies

Natural Dyeing With Sage And Indigo | Led by Molly Koehn

Women's Circle And Men's Circle | Led by Maga J. Ayala and Joshua Falcon-Grey

Full Moon SeriesLed by Lily Montgomery, Maga Joana Ayala, Nina Sauceda, Anya Worsham, Chrisy Montgomery, Quinlin Messenger and Carrie Montgomery

Trash Talk With SunriseSeams | Led by Christian Montgomery

Drawing As Spiritual And Ritual | Led by William Downs

Identity: Open Studio And Farewell Sweat | Led by Mario Sauceda and Rob Clifton 

Yoga Inspired By The Full Moon | Led by Andrea Restivo

Seeing The Invisibe | Led by Lily Reeves Montgomery