Tipi Raising: Ancient Skills for a Community Space

Expanding on understandings and teachings of the medicine wheel, join us in the raising of sacred community and gathering space! The Tipi has origins in archetypal geometries and communal energies as a structure for protection and sharing of stories and wisdom; this workshop will focus on instructionals ranging from ancient skills, nomadic building practices, and techniques in keeping and managing ceremonial fires. Once built, the tipi will be available for all to enjoy during the retreat, and will be complete with a dedication ceremony.

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Mario Sauceda Steward of Ceremonies

Son of Judith, Mario was ordained in 2004 as a spiritual guide and road man, and acts as the family’s current guide and leader of various Lakota ceremonies. Mario also has a background and practice as a professional artists since 1981, working with oils, acrylic, and some 3 dimensional work. In tandem, he is trained as a massage therapist with a lifelong dedication to martial arts, and healing.