Sacred Circle: Teachings of the Medicine Wheel and Sweat lodge

With roots in purification, the sweat lodge is a sacred space to meditate, pray, and communicate with the self and universe. This year, our workshop will be focused on rebuilding our sweat lodge with traditional methods and techniques, ranging from: gathering and foraging materials from surrounding forests, gathering ceremonial stones, to making and using natural dyes. Our communal action will act as a medium to learn more about the Medicine Wheel, a foundational aspect of the sweat and healing process. Once rebuilt, you will have the opportunity to partake in a sweat ceremony and learn about the sacred elements and totems - a time and space for you to give back to the earth to gain emotional, social, and spiritual strength.

Mario Sauceda Steward of Ceremonies

Son of Judith, Mario was ordained in 2004 as a spiritual guide and road man, and acts as the family’s current guide and leader of various Lakota ceremonies. Mario also has a background and practice as a professional artists since 1981, working with oils, acrylic, and some 3 dimensional work. In tandem, he is trained as a massage therapist with a lifelong dedication to martial arts, and healing.


Quinlin Messenger Steward of Legacy

Grandson of Judith, he is currently helping to lead the direction and evolution of Takoja, and has taken a key role as the family’s fire keeper in tandem with studying alternative healing modalities as a reiki practitioner and meditation guide. With a background in architecture and sociology from the University of Oregon in Eugene and Japan, Quin’s education and life experience have shaped a deep interest in supporting and encouraging contemporary designers, artist, and thinkers to take active roles and responsibility for their communities, and our changing planet and climate.


Serena Nizhone Sauceda (Nina) Steward of Traditions

Granddaughter of Judith, Nina is a carrier of sacred familial medicines, and holds an important space for facilitating ceremony and practices With a deep love and passion for music, she is an active participant in the sharing and singing of ceremonial songs and meditative chants, and has followed the teachings of Judith as a card reader, healing guide, and visual artist. In connection with her gifts, Nina has developed a deep understanding of local flora, and uses this knowledge  as a maker of natural tinctures and elixirs tuned for healing and solace.