Trash Talk with SunriseSeams

Ok, so we all agree that climate change is real. What are you personally doing about it? Nothing? Something? Feel like one person can't make a big impact on the environment? Wrong. Have you ever heard the term "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle" ? Let's start there. In this Workshop we will talk about the top four single-use disposable items that go to landfill every day, and how you can make changes in your personal life to reduce them. From there...other areas you can make changes, to reuse and upcycle. And lastly let's talk about recycling. I know, you've heard it before. But why is your recycling bin not as effective as you might think? Come join me to talk trash. I know you would rather toss it... but let's talk about how we can reduce it so there is less to throw away in the first place. #zerowaste #notthereyet #workingonit We'll even get crafty and make a bag you can take with you!

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Christian Montgomery Seamstress, Mother, Doula, Gardner, Owner of Sunrise Seams | Decatur, AL

SunriseSeams, a sewing company owned and operated from her home studio in Decatur, AL. Products are locally sourced from up-cycled materials and hand-crafted for quality and individuality. Christian creates a wide variety of products including: baby items, festive home decor, vintage lace clothing, patchwork harem pants, custom wool coats and more! Christian also has a focus in sustainable and reusable products that can replace disposable items in your household, saving money & the environment! Some items include: napkins, lace produce bags, wool dryer balls and un-sponges. Her work is an eclectic medley of recycled fabrics and up-cycled love. Christian also takes custom orders, so make sure you share your ideas with her! | IG: @sunriseseams

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