Women's Circle and Men's Circle

Women's Circle | What happens to the world when women come together to redefine what being a woman means to them? In this special women's circle, self-identified women join Maga for a day-time circle to engage in movement and sound, engaging discussion and partner exercises. We gather to... Honor our intuition. Learn that women are cyclical like the moon and have a profound connection to the cosmos and beyond.

Remember the power in our fertility. Share our stories and experiences as a fertile woman. We'll dive into the mystery and joy of this exploration in a safe and sacred container together.

Men's Circle | What is the role that modern man has to play is the evolution of consciousness?

One of the main responsibilities of the modern man is to reconnect to the balance of masculine and feminine energies between the genders through communing with other men in celebration of being a man.

Together with Joshua, the participants will explore this inquiry and be guided through meditations and interactive exercises, meant to enhance collaboration among brothers.

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Maga J. Ayala is a women's leadership coach, certified sound practitioner, and energy healer. She works with women to help them harness the cyclic nature of their menstrual cycle in order to birth their creative projects and businesses into the world. Maga weaves her voice work and energy healing into the women's circles she facilitates that guide women to reconnect to their bodies, voices and their unique feminine spirituality.

IG: @magaofgaia

Joshua Falcon-Grey is a consciousness, comedy enthusiast, and content creator, he is also the founder of the Expandabis Method, a modality that supports emotional healing through intetional cannabis use. He helps people remember where they hide themselves so that they shine their life mission into the world.