Seeing the Invisibe

Through active participation, this workshop will expand inter-personal community and ideas of relationship between self, other, and environment. We will build on explorations of performative actions from multiple artists, including Relation Work, a series by Marina Ambrovomic and Ulay, earth-body works by Ana Mendieta, specific works surrounding embodied thinking by Kira O’Reily, the introspective work of Angela Ellsworth, and extroverted work by La Pocha Nostra. The workshop will conclude in participation of community ceremony led by the women of this workshop, based around the thought-provoking and cultural empowering works of Ernesto Pujol. Participants will be asked to push personal, physical, and psychic boundaries, resulting in an expanded and transformative understanding of outer and inner worlds.


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Lily Reeves Montgomery is a sculptor working across all mediums, with a current emphasis on light art and performance. She received her BFA from Alfred University in 2015, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine Arts at Arizona State University. Her work is heavily influenced from southeastern folk art and southern gothic literature, and she uses light as a visual metaphor for the phenomena of life. By using ritual and supernatural aspects in her performances and installations, she comments on the decline in the variety of outlets for this shared spiritualism, and creates a metaphysical environment that speaks to this awe-inspiring presence of life and interconnectivity which we so often dismiss.

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