Full Moon Series

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Takoja has many gifts that can awaken thoughts of spirituality, and illuminate corners of our spirits: one of these is the light of the Full Moon. Takoja and our featured artists will provide a space for you to explore a moonlit landscape of immersive art experience, and encounters with the six senses. Our artists will be your guide, moving you through distinct moments of listening, touch, taste, sight, scent, and spirit. The full moon can stimulate the subconscious mind and heighten our ability to feel, giving rise to thoughts and reflection, and space to commune with ancestors - voyage on a unique opportunity to re-discover yourself through mindful meditation, and celestial resonance.

Inspired by childhood memory, curated by Quinlin Messenger in collaboration with Carrie Montgomery and Asuka Hisa

Featured Artists:

Rob Clifton, Lily Montgomery , Maga Joana Ayala, Nina Sauceda, Anya Worsham, Chrisy Montgomery


Quinlin Messenger: Steward of Legacy

Grandson of Judith, he is currently helping to lead the direction and evolution of Takoja, and has taken a key role as the family’s fire keeper in tandem with studying alternative healing modalities as a reiki practitioner and meditation guide. With a background in architecture and sociology from the University of Oregon in Eugene and Japan, Quin’s education and life experience have shaped a deep interest in supporting and encouraging contemporary designers, artist, and thinkers to take active roles and responsibility for their communities, and our changing planet and climate.


Carrie Montgomery, Steward of Programming and Engagement

Carrie’s passion for community building, has played a crucial role in the development and enrichment of Takoja’s mission and vision. With a background in art studies and communications from the University of Alabama, her creative drive and quirky sensibilities coalesce to develop unique perspectives and strategies related to event planning and programming. Carrie’s current role as Major Donor Event Planner at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art places her at the nexus of one of the worlds greatest contemporary art scenes; with this, she has carried the torch Judith lit years ago and has revived Takoja’s Artist in Residency Program.