Vision Quest

As a process of introspection, and seeking sanctuary within ourselves, this ceremony is for you to create your own personal sacred circle in the landscape to pray, set intentions, and learn more about your path. Once you've created your sacred circle on the land, the Vision Quest will last for a twenty-four hour period, which will include a food and water fast. The Vision Quest will open and close with a sweat lodge ceremony, marking the start and completion for all Vision Quest pledgers. As a source of strength, a sacred fire will be tended to at the base camp and kept illuminated throughout the vision quest as a grounding spiritual beacon for all participants.

Any individual who commits to Vision Quest, is strongly encouraged to complete their 24 commitment. Any pledger who elects to end their Vision Quest before the 24 hour commitment, are welcomed to become a part of the base camp to support and pray, and will be expected to stay at the camp until the return of all other pledgers.