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Takoja: "7 generation before, 7 generation after, and all that are the grandchildren of Tonkashila (grandfather sky)"


Takoja was established by Judith B. Sauceda 30 years ago, and was imagined, created, and operates today as a sustainable sanctuary for creatives, intellectuals, and spirituals to discover and learn more about their personal path and process. As an artist, teacher, and spiritual guide, Judith was an incredible force and source of inspiration for her students, friends and family including the local Questa and Taos communities. Judith’s artistic fervor extended beyond the paintbrush all the way up to the architectural design of “the Domes”, adobe cabins, and on site ceremonial grounds.

In the 1990s, Judith discovered the Lakota ways through Sundance. Inspired, and not forgetting her Jewish roots, she pursued a commitment to her spiritual growth, respect for mother earth, and strengthening community. While she is no longer with us (1930-2014), her spirit continues to live on through the life of Takoja.

"There was a time when the land was sacred, and the ancient ones were one with it. A time when only the children of the Great Spirit were here to light their fires in these places with no boundaries..."

In the words of the Lakota, "aho mitakuye oyasin" (all my relations)


Judith B. Sauceda intended for the legacy of Takoja to carry on long after her life - as her family, this is our calling. We are her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, significant others, and close friends. We all have unique roles and responsibilities as we work together to look after the land, and do our best to uphold the mission and vision of Takoja

Anya Worsham

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Deanna Sauceda

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Lily Montgomery

Mario Sauceda

Michelle Sauceda Halliday

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Serena (Nina) Sauceda

Tisha Hudetz

Including generous help from family members, dedicated guests, instructors and artists we’ve welcomed throughout the years!